Why your BMW Is Shaking When You Drive

Have you ever had the issue of your BMW shaking when you drive? Is your BMW is showing this unusual signs? It could be because of a range of simple issues like power delivery to the engine to more complex issues like worn out and broken engine mounts. It could be as serious as damage to the internal part of the engine.

Experienced technicians of BMW repair San Diego have found that the following common issues of the engine could be the reason why your BMW is shaking when you drive:

Engine Mounts

Old and worn out engine mounts could be the issue. You know your engine mounts have problems when you experience impact noises from the engine area. It is mainly in form of banging and clunking noise caused by the rubber on the mount breaking or wearing out. This lessen the ability of the mount to absorb engine vibrations. Excessive weight could also be shifting to the contact point.


Loose belts is another possible cause of engine problem. Loose and worn, faulty timing belts could cause serious engine failure that eventually lead to your vehicle vibrating.

Spark Plugs and Wires

Spark plugs and wires could be old and worn. Connections to the positive and negative terminals could also be loose or faulty.  These regular issues could cause uneven power delivery to the engine.


Disengaged and loose hoses on the engine are typical causes of failed engine operation that can cause vibrations to your BMW.

Air Filters

Clogged and dirty air filters can also be a reason for nonperformance of the engine. This will surely lead to constant vibrations on your vehicle.


If you’re experiencing problem with vibrations the most cost-effective way of resolving it is by having a professional mechanic inspect your vehicle. The technician can try shifting between the drive and neutral gears then conduct a test drive. Diagnosis of this issue also requires the mechanic to carry out both visual inspection and computerized scanning of the vehicle to determine whether the mount components are worn or broken. This will enable the trained mechanic to determine whether the solution is replacement or just slight adjustments.