Why Is There Is Black Smoke Coming Out Of My Tail Pipe?

When coming in for BMW Service, this is a common question we are asked, especially when their cars start giving out a very black smoke from the car exhaust. The reasons may be very obvious simply because there is a problem somewhere in your car. It may be as a result of problems in the air filter, fuel injectors, sensors or fuel pressure regulator. Don’t put off this repair because the longer you allow the issue to continue the more you will be burning excess fuel which may have a negative effect on your fuel economy.

Here are some tricks to eliminate the black smoke from your tailpipe

Make use of fuel additives.

If you have you have been driving your car for a while, you will find that there will be some deposits in your cylinder chambers and fuel injectors. If fuel mixes with these deposits, then they are likely to affect the normal operation of your engine which will generate the black smokes. By combining your fuel with the detergents, the deposits will be eliminated within a short period of time and you will be free from this problem.

Buy a common-rail fuel injection design

You need to get a high-pressure injection system for your vehicle if it normally uses diesel for as a powering system. This will ensure that fuel s fed directly to the solenoid valves. This will ensure there is no presence of the black smoke from your exhaust.

Clean the air system.

For effective operation of your engine, there has to be complete combustion of fuel in your car. This will result in the production of water and CO2 which do not look black. But if combustion of fuel; isn’t complete, there will be the production of black smoke. This may be as a result of the buildup of dust particles in the engine which are blocking the smooth flow of air into the combustion chamber. So to correct this problem, ensure the air filters are clean and free from any dust particles.

Check the status of your engine rings

Engine rings play a very important role in your car engine, if by any chance the piston rings are damaged, then you will be able to see the black smoke. The best way to eliminate this problem is to ensure they are checked and replaced if they are not in good condition.

If you are seeing black smoke, take your car into your trusted mechanic for an evaluation and repair.  You and your fuel economy will be glad you did.