Why Does My BMW Stall When I Take My Foot Off The Gas Pedal?

You may be wondering what is causing your BMW to stall when you take your feet off your gas pedal. There are quite a few possibilities that could cause this issue. You can troubleshoot BMW Service stall problems by ruling out a few possibilities.

Vacuum Leak

You should first check for a possible vacuum leak. The rubber hoses at the throttle body or intake plenum could have been disconnected. These hoses get brittle with age and don’t hold tight.

After you lift the hood, listen to the hissing noise. A visual inspection of hoses could also help. If you find any hoses dangling without being connected, you need to find where it connects and fix it.

Air Flow Sensor

If you don’t find any problem with a vacuum leak, you should check the mass airflow sensor. To troubleshoot airflow sensor, you should unplug MAF sensor and try to drive the car. With the MAF plug disconnected, the PCM has to depend on preprogrammed parameters.

If you find the car running better with MAF unplugged, you can clean the MAF sensor to eliminate grime and dust causing erroneous data. If it doesn’t solve the issue you may have to replace the MAF sensor.

Check Electrical Connections

Sometimes electronic connections get dislodged. Make sure that the electrical connections to the ISC are intact.

Most of the times, you could fix the problem by just looking at the above possibilities. If you still find you are not able to locate the problem, you can take the car for service. However, there is nothing to panic since it is a minor issue which doesn’t take much of your time and money. If you notice this issue, don’t wait for it to get worse.  Troubleshoot it as soon as possible and it could save you trouble and further deterioration of vehicle.