What’s That Liquid Underneath My Truck?

Have you ever left your truck parked and when you returned to the parking lot, come across some fluid near your truck? First things first, do not panic, and let’s start the troubleshooting to resolve this issue

Where is it coming from?

The most important of all is to determine whether this fluid is really coming from your truck or not; Sure, it may be right next to your truck, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s from your own truck, it might have been there a long time already, from another vehicle that was parked in a nearby spot before.

Is it Clear?  It might be Water.

There is also a possibility that the leak is A/C (air conditioning) fluid, especially if you’ve been running your A/C. The A/C fluid naturally does not have any color so if it looks like water, it is a normal evaporative process from the A/C and nothing to worry about.

Green Fluid

However, if the fluid is green and is indeed leaking from your truck, there is a very good chance that it could be antifreeze fluid. In most cases, these leaks come from the radiator, water pump, or any other hoses or gaskets that are not secured properly, or have worn out.

What Do I Do Now?

And as for repairing, the cost can greatly vary, being dependent on which part is specifically causing the leak. If the only thing to be repaired is the radiator’s hose, it will be quick, affordable and easy, ranging from $35 to $65 for the entire service. If the leaking problem is being caused by blown gaskets, it will be a bit more expensive and time consuming, due to these specific parts themselves costing around $75, plus the great deal of labor it will take. Finally, if the issue is the radiator itself, replacing it entirely for a new one will be around $300 or more. Anyway, it’s absolutely essential to not delay in repairing the leaking problem, since these fluids keep the engine functioning properly.