The Air From My AC Unit Is Not Cold

There are many instances where air from the AC comes out cool but not cold. This is a clear indication that the Air conditioner system has a problem which should be addressed immediately to avoid stuffiness inside the car. When the air conditioner is working correctly the fan will draw air over the evaporator coils and recycled back into the car.

If air conditioning is set to max cold and the fans on high yet the car blows only moderately cool air. This is a clear indication that the AC system is not working properly.  If the car conditioning system does not work properly the problem could be with the compressor or the AC could be low on refrigerant. When air from your AC is blowing air that is not cold while the environment around is warm. This means that you are either experiencing clogged filter, cooling fan problem or radiator trouble. Auto Repair Rancho Cucamonga suggests the following steps to troubleshoot the problem:

Checking the problem

Checking the cool but not cold problem

For cases of cool but not cold, check the condenser, cooling fans and compressor and ensure that they are running when the air conditioning system is running. You should also check for any blockage that could restrict air from flowing. This can be caused by leaves, bugs not forgetting dirt.

Checking the compressor

Checking the compressor is the easiest step, to begin with. First ensure the engine is running and the AC is on maximum cool, also ensure the clutch is interacting with the compressor. If the clutch is not working well with the compressor use the voltmeter to check for voltage getting into the compressor. If there is power from the clutch the problem could be with the compressor.

Checking for leaks

Leaks are common in most AC systems. When the pressure is low then there are leaks in the system. Using the UV AC detection took kit it is easy to detect the leaks. Start with the hose manifold on the compressor. Then to the Schrader Valve all the way to the evaporator.

A properly working AC will keep your car fresh at all times. If the AC is not working properly ensure the mechanic for further inspection. Ensure to keep the AC system working properly at all times for fresh cold air inside the car.