My Window Makes A Screeching Sound When I Roll It Up

Have you ever heard a screeching sound coming from your car window as you try to roll it up? The most common cause of this problem is often due to lack of lubricant in your window panes. Here are a few tricks from the technicians at for you to try to eliminate this noise.

What to use

The best lubricant to use is silicone grease because it will not allow accumulation of dust particle in your windows like oils or petroleum products. You should be able to find this for less than $5.

Apply the Silicon

  • Fully open your car windows so that you can get a good space to enable you to spray your lubricants on the window seals and on all the sides of your window frame.
  • Begin by spraying your window from the top on both sides of the rubber seal as you go downward.
  • Don’t worry if some excess lubricants over sprays or drips. You want to make sure you have a complete application.
  • After you are done use a clean rag to wipe the door frame, window seal, and other parts of your car.

Test the application

After a few minutes, roll your window up and down a few times ensure the lubricant gets into all parts of the track.

You should notice an improvement right away.  You can always add more silicon if you still notice some noise.


If noise was the only issue this should solve your problem.  If you notice other issues, such as:

  • Window is hard to open or close
  • It doesn’t always close
  • Jiggles down when you are driving

These might indicate an issue with the windows motor regulator.  You will want to have this check by your mechanic before it becomes a problem and you window stops working or does the dreaded Pop and Drop and you now need to replace the glass.