My Will Only Move In The Reverse Direction, Not Forward

Here is an interesting problem that doesn’t happen every day.  When I put my car in gear and stepped on the gas, nothing happened, but if I put it in reverse the car goes in reverse.  Back around town isn’t an option but can anyone tell me what the issue might be?  What should I look for?

Here are some possible causes:

1. Transmission problems

According to the experts at All Transmissions, a transmission problem is probably the most likely culprit behind your car not moving in the forward direction. The malfunctioning of some internal parts can likewise result in such problems.

2. Problem with the speed sensor

The transmission system of the automobile can be damaged substantially by a faulty speed sensor. The sensor is responsible for providing the car with ECU information regarding its speed while it is on the move. If the information becomes erratic, the car might start moving only in the reverse direction.

The fixes:

  1. If the problem with the transmission (which can be a result of improper maintenance, overheating, or lack of transmission fluid), the first step will be to comprehend the problem by checking the fluid level. In case the level is low, it will be imperative to fill it to the appropriate level. However, make it a point to check the level while the engine is still hot and the vehicle is running in neutral.
  2. If the problem is with the car’s computer system (which might have defaulted), you should try to reset it by unplugging your battery connectors for 10 to 15 minutes and then reattaching them.


If it is still not possible to restore your car to normal condition even after resorting to the above-mentioned fixes, it will be prudent to take the help of an experienced car mechanic who will do the job for you quickly as well as impeccably. In fact, they are equipped with better tools which will help them to get the job done in a less hassle-free manner.