My Electric Car Seem To Be Getting Less Miles Per Charge

Have you wondered about the range of an electric vehicle,  This is a questions we receive when doing hybrid repair.  Here is one car owners experience.

I didn’t actually believe Chevy’s statement that it just took one charge for electric cars to travel in excess of 200 miles! Sure GM picked up a few plaudits. Plus they won the automotive world’s 2017’s trendy vehicle of the year title for their Electric Vehicle platform. But that kind of mileage just didn’t ring true. Although I still felt encouraged to take the electric plunge.

But it quickly became apparent that my car seems to be getting less and fewer miles per charge. So I checked to find out why.

Ideal Weather Conditions

The hot news is! That to achieve plus 200 miles, or even 300 as also claimed by GM, that electric cars are weather sensitive. Electric cars need a bit of sun on their backs to perform at their optimum levels.

I discovered that electric cars, operating outside their warm temperature comfort zones, can perform to as much as 50% below GM’s numbers. Other factors can also come into play such as road situations and the way people drive.

Officially GM’s numbers are not questioned by authorities who road test Electric Vehicles. But they acknowledged that there could be large movement swings that are weather-related. The official take on this is all ranges quoted are approximations so far. This puts the onus, on the owners, of these types of vehicles to work out exactly how often they need to charge them.

Although GM, along with other manufacturers so far, will have to address the negative cold weather reaction factor it’s still refreshing to know they are thinking about the environment. In the meantime, if you live in an area that is susceptible to big chills. Please note that you will get a lot fewer miles, per charge, for your vehicle.