My Diesel Engine Sounds Like It Is Misfiring

Engine misfiring is common in engines, but diesel repair mesa wants you to know that the good news is that they are usually easy to diagnose.

Diesel engines ignite the fuel through pressure since gas engines use a spark from the ignition system. With the misfiring of diesel engines, the ignition system is the first place to start looking for errors. The following appropriate steps to diagnose the problem include checking the ignition wires, the spark plugs, the rotor/distributor components, and the ignition coil. The spark resulting from the ignition will often not transfer appropriately because the previous parts wear out significantly over time. The inability to ignite the air/fuel mixture in the combustion chambers will cause the engine to misfire.

If you are experiencing misfires with your diesel engine, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure you are using high-quality diesel. Check diesel fuel to verify that the source does not contain contaminants, including water, dirt or oil.
  2. Replace the fuel filters as necessary and drain the water from the network using water and fuel separator.
  3. Test the fuel line for leaks.
  4. Fourth, check for low fuel supply pressure.
  5. Fifth, check the curves or failures in the fuel line and the transfer of the pump.
  6. Check if there is a suction tube (in the fuel tank) or a conductive suction.
  7. Check for air in the fuel system and check the fuel pressure.
  8. If the pressure is lower than specified, replace the fuel filters.
  9. Check the free back box, if it is low, replace the transfer pump.
  10. If all the above cannot diagnose the misfiring, there are other possible additional causes of the defect:
  • Incorrect adjustment of the LED valve
  • The valves do not sit correctly.
  • Defective pump unit or fuel injection nozzles

Diagnosing and correcting any errors that occur along the way can be much more frustrating than trying to find out why the engine misfires. However, there are some similarities between trying to determine why it failed.