My Check Engine Light Is Flashing


If you haven’t seen it, you know about it, the dreaded Check Engine Light.  But what does it mean if the. Check Engine Light starts flashing?

A flashing indicator light is seriously trying to get your attention.   When a car check engine light flashes in your dashboard this brings in a sinking feeling in the pit of the stomach. This could mean a serious and very costly problem, maybe the catalytic converter has gone bad or there is a loose gas cap or maybe the oxygen sensor has failed to work.  You should pull over as soon as it is safe and contact your mechanic or smog shop.  A flashing light indicates a condition that could cause serious damage to your engine.

When the car check engine light is only a steady illumination you have a little more time to diagnose the issue.  You should give your mechanic a call right away or if you are handy with auto repairs there are some diagnostic you can do yourself.

Causes Of Car Check Engine Light.

There are many causes of check engine light. The following are just some of the causes:

  • Oxygen sensor getting covered with oil ash thus reducing oxygen and fuel mixture. This further leads to gas mileage and increased emissions.
  • Faulty or loose gas caps.
  • Failure of the catalytic convertors.
  • Improper installation of the air filter which leads to mass airflow sensors fail.
  • A failing spark plug.

How To Repair Your Car To Ensure That The Car Check Engine Light Turns Off.

Detection of an issue by the computer results to flashing of the car check engine light. Once this happens you need to do the repair in your and check what the problem is. The following are the simplest and cheapest ways of repairing your car to ensure that the check engine light keeps off.

Ensure that you use a scan tool.

You have to connect the scan tool to the OBD-II and turn the ignition switch on. Press the red button to view errors in your car, remove the error code and press the erase button to remove the error code.

Try out the battery disconnecting technique.

Disconnect the car battery cables, drain out the remaining electricity and wait for some time before reconnecting back the battery.

Turn the ignition on and off severally.

When doing this do not disconnect the battery. Do it repeatedly until you are satisfied if the problem was here or somewhere else

Don’t force the check engine light to go off, allow it to go off by itself.

Ensure that once the check engine light flashes you thoroughly investigate the problem, if you ignore this issue you can end up causing more damages to your engine.

Use these cheap and easy ways to detect the problem in your car and get it repaired or fixed.