My Car Is Hard To Start On A Cold Morning

Have you ever gotten up late, hurried to get ready for an important meeting or class and when you get to your car, it fails to start. Or requires you several tries before you finally get the engine to turn over.  Here are some Mercedes service steps you can take to figure out why you have trouble starting on a cold morning or eliminate the problem.

Eliminate water in the fuel line

During the cold season, there is a likelihood that water may have passed into your fuel line. This will block the gasoline from getting into your motor. The outcome of this is that combustion will not take place fully and the car will fail to start. The best way to get rid of this problem is to use fuel having a low alcohol content or rather use the premium oil. This will ensure there is no presence of water in the entire fuel line.

Your battery may be failing you.

If you have had your battery for more than 3 years, then it’s high time you buy a new one. If the temperature falls below then expect no reaction to take place in your battery. But as a preventive measure or a temporary solution when your car fails in the morning, you can jump start from another vehicle or sturdy set your jumper cable. Also, ensure the problem isn’t arising from the alternator

Check your carburetor or fuel injection system

New vehicles have been designed with the fuel injection system to ensure your car starts normally. But with the older versions, you will always find them with a carburetor which ensures oxygen and gasoline are mixed for internal combustion to take place. If your car is failing to start, then you choke may have failed to close and absorbed excess air and has made it dirty. If you have amended your carburetor and ensure the choke is closed, then you are set to go.

Use the correct oil

If you did not carefully read your car manual, then you are likely to mess around when filling your tank with the oil. During cold seasons, it’s wise to use thin oil which is about 5W-20W. If you use thick oil with 10W-30W, then your car may not start during the winter season because of the molecules which start forming on your engine.