How Do I Know It Is Time For An Oil Change?

One of the biggest difficulties car owners face is knowing how to effectively maintain and care for their automotive. There are certain sings that if you start experiencing then you will need to take immediate action so that you can save the extra cost for replacing the damaged parts. Have you wondered when you should change the oil in your car. Here are some hints from to help you know that it is time.

Loud noise from the engine

When your oil is still fresh, there will be a thin shield created between the parts of the engine which reduces the friction. This ensures the motor is silent and works smoothly as you drive. When the engine gets too hot, the lubricants will be broken down. This will increase the sound in the engine system. This indicates that it is time for an oil change.

Dirty And Dark Oil

Oil color is a good indicator to show you whether you need to change the oil or not. As a beginner, you should know that the fresh oil always has an amber color. But when you discover the color is changing to black and greasy, then you’ll know that more dirt and particles have built up in the engine and have combined with your fresh oil. It’s time for you to do the change. For consistency, ensure you check the color on the monthly basis.

Observe Your Oil Change Light

Cars are designed with the ability to show you when the oil should be changed. The light in the dashboard will be on whenever there is a reduction in the level of oil in your car system. At this point, a dipstick can help you to know the exact level. If it’s too low, it is time for an oil change.

Smoke from your exhaust

During the cold weather conditions, you should expect to see vapor comes out of your exhaust pipe. But if you see smoke, then you should check the level of your smoke. There may be a problem in your tank, perhaps there is an oil leakage or some part of the engine isn’t working normally. If you discover it’s the problem with your oil, then this indicates it is time for an oil change.