Common Causes of Brake Noises and How to Fix Them

Have you ever heard weird noises coming out of your braking system when you apply the brakes? This could be very annoying but it is simply a way in which your car is trying to communicate with you. Much of brake noise would range from: grinding, thumping from the rear, squeaking or scraping, but all add up to one thing; your brakes need a checkup and possible repairs. RSC Automotive Repair San Clemente  brings you the following list of the most common problems that cause brake noise and how to fix them.

Grinding noise when you apply your brakes

A grinding noise is very exasperating and alarming, when you hear this you need to stop driving immediately it is usually caused by a lack of brake pad material. Brake pads usually wear out with time and they require replacement.  If fixed when you first notice the problem, the repair isn’t expensive.

Ignoring a grinding noise can result in severe damages that will require replacing the disc, pads and in some scenarios the calipers. This is much more expensive than just replacing the pads alone. If your brakes are grinding make an appointment with your repair shop.

Squeaking noise

A brake squeak can be very disturbing, besides it might be a significant danger. Most common brake squeaks are caused by menial pads. Cheap brake pads have metal flakes in the pad material, pressing the brake pedal drags the flakes along the disc and thus squeaking. The best way to avoid this is by using quality brake pads and discs.

Another cause of a squeak is the wear indicator, usually, a small metal tab fastened to the brake pad, you hear a squeak while driving down the road.  The squeak goes away when you press the pedal. Solving this involves just removing the worn out pads and replacing with new ones.  This is just an indicator that it is time for brake pad replacement.

Thumping noise from the rear

Cars with drum brakes in the back tend to have this kind of noise. It is usually caused by an uneven braking surface in the drum. Replacing the drums fixes this, you can also try sanding away the uneven surface with 40 grit, and this could come in as a cheap fix.

If you are hearing noises when you are stopping, take your car to you mechanic so they can troubleshoot and help fix the noises coming from your brakes.